How To Make Six Figures As A Hairstylist is entertaining as well as very informative. An easy, fun read packed with valuable information. I wish this book was out when I started years ago, but it's never too late to better my business. I would recommend this to hairstylists fresh out of school, to veterans and everyone in between.  Great price, too! I would have paid double!

-Adrianne, Dallas TX

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What will YOU do with $100,000???

YOU can discover the secrets of the salon industry!
Let this be your ticket to making
a SIX FIGURE income.

In this easy and fun to read guidebook,
you will learn practical principles
to help you maximize your potential
as a Hair Stylist!

Perhaps you're considering an exciting career in hairstyling,
but you're intimidated by the challenges of being in business for yourself.

This book will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to succeed!

Maybe you are fresh out of beauty school,
all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the world...
but need direction and guidance
on the ins and outs of our business.

Before you make your own mistakes learn from these!

Or maybe you've been jaded
by salon owners, co-workers, and clients.
Hairstyling has left a bad taste in your mouth
and you are spinning your wheels
going from salon to salon and getting nowhere fast.

Let this training manual motivate and inspire you
to get out of your rut and get in the $$$!

Perhaps you are doing pretty well for yourself.
You've found a great salon and have a decent clientele,
but have hit a plateau
and just need the extra knowledge found here to
to take you to the next level
in your business and your income.

Whatever your hairy situation,
this is for YOU!

you will learn things like:

The truth about money and why you will succeed!

20 Specific hair challenges we face in the salon
and quick, easy solutions to fix them.

5 rules to start your business right
plus how to find the right salon to work at.

How to build a full clientele with just a few clients

When and how to and not to raise your prices

How to gracefully get rid of unwanted clients

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This 'How-To' course includes:

How to Choose your income:
The formula that can make you rich

How to BUILD your enormous clientele:
Five foolproof ways to get more people in your chair

How to KEEP your enormous clientele:
Little things you must do
that make a BIG difference
and the two things you must NEVER do!

How to MANAGE your enormous clientele:
Simple systems to keep
everything and everyone in order

How to make more money:
The secrets of my success

How to make EVEN MORE money:
Ten tricks anyone can tackle!

You can use these easy, practical step by step instructions
to make the most of your career
and make SIX FIGURES a year!

But how much are the secrets of a six figure income worth?

You pay THOUSANDS for beauty school.

You pay HUNDREDS for continuing education.

What if you had the power to make over $100,000
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What if you had the opportunity to
glean from years of experience
in a few hours?

This is the book that could change your life forever

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Trade Secrets of Successful Stylists:
22 Quick tips and tricks for you

MORE years of valuable experience for FREE!

In this collection of tips and tricks of the professionals
you will learn amazing secrets like:

How to make an updo hold for days

Really remove haircolor stains

Instantly build your clients confidence with one trick

Learn the only way to grow long strong hair!

3 tricks for making thin hair look thick

Always cut the perfect bangs

and much, much more!

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